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Choose from 3 levels of cover options

Our benefits table enables you to quickly and easily compare the features of each plan. Bow Wow Meow's plans also come with a range of additional benefits.

Here's what's covered by each plan

  Accident PlanComprehensive PlanMajor Medical Plan
Annual Benefit Limit $8,000 $8,000 or $12,000 $8,000 or $12,000
% of Vet bill covered up to 80% up to 80% up to 80%
Per-Condition Excess
(choose your preferred excess)
$Nil or $100 per each unrelated condition $Nil, $100 or $200 per each unrelated condition $500 per each unrelated condition
Covers accidental injury Tick2 Covers accidents, illness and injury Cover for accidents, illness and injury with lower premiums
Consultations and visits Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
After-hours emergency visits Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
Specialist care Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
Laboratory & diagnostic tests for covered conditions Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
Hospitalisation Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
Radiology Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
Medicines & drugs Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
Surgery Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
Cruciate ligament surgery Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
Hereditary & congenital conditions N/A Tick2 Tick2
Covers illnesses Cross2 Tick2 Tick2
Cancer treatment Cross2 Tick2 Tick2
Skin conditions eg. allergies Cross2 Tick2 Tick2
Ear/eye conditions Cross2 Tick2 Tick2
Gastrointestinal problems Cross2 Tick2 Tick2
Infectious diseases Cross2 Tick2 Tick2
Tick paralysis Cross2 Tick2 Tick2
Waiting period 6 months for cruciate ligaments* 30 days for illness conditions (6 months for cruciate ligaments*) 30 days for illness conditions (6 months for cruciate ligaments*)
Optional routine care cover Cross2 Tick2 Tick2
Lifetime cover - renewal offer guaranteed Tick2 Tick2 Tick2
21 day cooling off period Tick2 Tick2 Tick2

* Note that a 6 month waiting period applies for cruciate conditions, which may be waived if a Cruciate Ligament Exam Form is completed and signed by your vet on or after the policy commencement date and received within 14 days of the examination date.

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Our plans also provide you with a range of additional benefits:

  • Emergency Boarding fees - we will pay up to $20.00 per day for the cost of boarding your pet at a licensed pet boarding facility if you are hospitalized for more than 5 days up to a maximum of $500.00 per year
  • Tick Paralysis benefit - we will pay an annual limit of $500 under our $8,000 annual limit and $1,000 under our $12,000 annual limit for veterinary costs relating to the treatment of paralysis ticks (Comprehensive and Major Medical Plans only)
  • Overseas Pet Travel Insurance - we will pay for eligible veterinary costs that your pet has incurred whilst it is on holiday with you in destinations where your pet is not required to be quarantined on return to Australia
  • Free Bow Wow Meow pet tag - policy holders will be provided with one free ID tag for their pet each year if their contact details change or if their pet’s ID tag is lost

To cover your pet with no waiting period for accident claims, call us on 1800 668 502, or get an online quote now.

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