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Golden Retriever hug Master Dog Breeders and Associates award
Bow Wow Awarded Best Pet Insurer for 2012

We were very proud to be chosen by the prestigious MDBA as the 'Best Pet Insurance Provider' for 2012. The Master Dog Breeders & Associates is the only group of its kind in Australia, servicing, representing and uniting a wide range of canine enthusiasts, including registered breeders, dog welfare & rescue organisations, professionals & pet owners.

Dr Jo's Top 5 Pet Health Tips

  1. Understand your pet's behaviour

    This will enable you to identify immediately if your pet exhibits any strange behaviour or is less active than normal, and seek medical attention. Read more

  2. Prevention is better than cure

    Don't wait for something to go wrong - ensure your pet is in good health by maintaining regular checkups with your vet. Read more

  3. Pay attention to your pet's diet

    Many pet health problems start with poor dietery issues, including overfeeding. Make sure your pet has a balanced, healthy diet. Read more

  4. Give your pets adequate exercise

    Ensure you take your pets for regular walks or a run around in the park - active pets are healthy pets! Read more

  5. Dental hygiene is important

    Many pet health issues begin with poor dental hygiene. Have your pet's teeth examined regularly, especially if you detect breath odour issues. Read more    

Read more tips

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  • $6,000 paid out immediately

    Milo required shoulder surgery at just 4 months and we were so glad we had him insured with Bow Wow.

    Happy customer Milo Read more
  • Frank survived rat poison!

    This trauma resulted in emergency vet consultations, investigative tests and an overnight stay in hospital.

    Happy customer Frank Read more
  • We saved over $4,000...

    Stanley’s bone deformity caused severe pain and required extensive surgery.

    Happy customer stanley Read more

Pet Insurance - Australia

Protect the ones you love with health insurance for pets. You've made your pet a part of your family. But what would happen if they got injured or ill? Bow Wow Insurance offers a choice of dog health insurance and cat health insurance plans.

Our plans will cover your dog or cat for up to 80% of your vet's eligible bills in case of injury or illness. We even offer cover towards routine cover care items, including vaccinations and health checks.

Tailor your pet health insurance to meet your needs:
Whether you are after cheap dog insurance or cat insurance - Bow Wow Meow can give you peace of mind that you are covered by the right pet policy plan for your needs.